Share Your Story of Better Health Through Healthy Footwear and Inspire Others

Kenkoh Spirit Black

Kenkoh Spirit Brown Photo from Customer

“I have already recommended them to one of my clients. I love these and have purchased a new pair every year as a gift to myself. I put them on as soon as I get home from work and first thing in the morning before working 12 hours on my feet.” – Review of Kenkoh Soul II Black by Veronica

“My 3rd pair. I wear them all day, every day instead of slippers!! Love them.” – Review of Kenkoh Spirit Linen Gold by Linda

“Great fit and feel. They really do make my feet feel revitalized.” – Review of Kenkoh Spirit Black by Jack


Original Happy Feet Plus Kiosk

Happy Feet Plus Tyrone Square Kiosk in Late 1980’s

Happy Feet Plus started in April 1985 as a kiosk in Tyrone Square Mall in St. Pete where we sold exclusively Kenkoh Massage Sandals.

Our commitment was the same then as it is now:

To help our customers to better health through healthy footwear.

Over the years we have advertised Kenkoh or TV and radio, online, in magazines, and on billboards, but after all this time we still find that the most effective way to spread the word about our pinnacle product comes from you. That’s right, the best advertising for Kenkoh comes directly from the hundreds of thousands who have tried a pair (or two, or three, or more!).


Kenkoh Chai Champagne

Kenkoh Chai Champagne Photo Shared by Customer

Many of these great stories of improved health never get shared in print. For example, a former manager of our Countryside store shares a story with us of a woman who came in with a severe loss of circulation and sensation in her feet due to neuropathy. Upon entering the store, she had to be assisted to a chair, and her feet were extremely pale and even bluish in spots. After a one minute walk around the store in Kenkohs, her feet had become much more noticeably pink, and she reported sensation through her toes and across her soles. She left that day with her first pair of Kenkohs, and happily reported back to the store a few weeks later that her feet felt better and had more sensation than they had in years thanks to the sandals.

So, today, we ask you, very simply, to share the love and tell your Kenkoh story in the comments section below. And feel free to send pics as well! As you can see above, we love pics! Whether you’ve just gotten your first pair and simply like how Kenkohs make you feel or if you’ve seen significant long-term improvements in your health from wearing Kenkohs, we want to hear from you.

Sharing your story can inspire others to experience the effects of Kenkoh for themselves and help them improve their own health with what we feel are the healthiest sandals on Earth!

Give your feet something to smile about