While you work at home, you probably take time out of the day to drink plenty of water and eat a healthy meal.

As your feet provide the foundation for your entire body, why would you treat them any differently?

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Is your office in your living room or perhaps just off of your garage? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 24% of all working age Americans did some or all of their work from home in 2015. This was up from 19% in 2003.

In addition, this 2017 New York Times article notes that 43% of working Americans do at least some work remotely.

As we are working from our home office, we are getting up multiple times throughout the day to grab snacks, take breaks, etc., or we may even be spending a lot of time on our feet. If you had a job in an office that was away from home you’d wear shoes to work, right? Well, the same goes for those of us who work from home.

Now, we know, we know. You’re saying, “Yeah, right, I NEVER wear shoes around the house!” or perhaps you wear your favorite pair of spongy soft flip flops around the house while you work.

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Whatever your footwear solution for your work from home life, we have five words for you…

Ok, six:

Wear shoes around the house…Always!

And make sure they’re supportive!

Plantar fasciitis now accounts for well over a million doctor visits per year in the U.S., and millions of other cases simply go undiagnosed. Click here to learn more about what causes plantar fasciitis and the debilitating effects of the condition. The main thing to remember about plantar fasciitis is that it is often caused by spending long periods of time walking or standing on hard non-supportive surfaces such as concrete, tile, wood, or even carpet (carpet is about as supportive as your favorite spongy flip flops).

And plantar fasciitis is just one of a bushel of painful conditions that can be caused by going unsupported on non-supportive surfaces. Click on the following links to learn about other unwanted foot conditions and their treatments.



Poor Circulation

Avoid plantar fasciitis and other causes of severe foot pain by wearing supportive sandals, shoes or clogs around the house at all times, even when you’re sitting at your computer. And if you already have a favorite pair of shoes that seem to be lacking a little in the support department, add a quality orthotic to transform them into comfortable foundations that align your entire body.

Your feet will thank you, and since you’ll be comfortable and more productive, your boss and your wallet will thank you as well.

Give your feet something to smile about