Headache? Heel Pain?

Indigestion? Back Pain?

How About A Foot Massage!

Reflexology, an ancient healing technique first brought to the US in 1913, teaches us that nerves corresponding to body organs and tissues are concentrated in the soles of the feet. These groupings of nerves are called Sole Reflexive Zones. When we rub or push on a particular zone, the health of the body part linked to it is positively affected. Regular foot massages and reflexology treatments actually help our entire our body stay healthy!


Foot Reflexology Chart & Sole Reflexive Zones

Sokushindo is the oldest form of reflexology in the Orient. The inventor of our flagship Kenkoh Massage Footwear experienced first-hand Sokushindo’s healing benefits. A severe case of tuberculosis brought him close to his death bed and traditional medicine was not helping. As the final attempt to save his life, one of his alternative doctor friends suggested Sokushindo and he fully recovered. He was so inspired by this experience that he invented Kenkoh, a sandal and insole that mimic the healing effects of reflexology.


Art and Science of Kenkoh Massage Footwear

Kenkoh’s foot bed contains a massage insole with hundreds of soft rubber nodules specifically designed to stimulate nerve pressure points in our feet. After 30+ years as the sole distributor of Kenkoh Massage Footwear in the US, we at Happy Feet Plus have heard story after story about how our customers benefit. They experience relief from their body aches and pains, relief from stress, and improved circulation. They feel energized and revitalized. In general, they feel happier. Kenkohs are especially effective in providing relief from PLANTAR FASCIITIS, METATARSALGIA and many other kinds of heel pain and foot pain.

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Kenkoh: The Original Massage Sandal

Kenkoh FAQs

A BIT OF TRIVIA! According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the soles of our feet are part of a system of our body known as the “second heart.” Blood and lymphatic fluids circulate throughout the body and reach their furthest point in the soles. About two-thirds of the leg muscles combined with the feet all work together to pump blood back into our heart, prevent back-flow of blood and enhance the flow of lymphatic fluid. By stimulating soles of our feet daily, Kenkohs help make this system work even better and thus contribute to our overall good health.

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