The Original Japanese Massage Sandal

We just had a fulfilling yoga practice, a calming savasana, and are ready to head back into the world. Our energy channels are open, blood is flowing, mind is at peace, body is relaxed and balanced. Unnecessary tensions have released, toxins freed, and whatever we were so stressed about when we started is a distant memory.

We feel nurtured and honored, inspired about something new, and truly grateful we decided to carve out some sacred time for ourselves. If you’re like so many of us, we wish this state of being would never end.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Kenkoh Massage Sandal and even own a pair or two. If so, you probably already realize how they can help sustain the benefits of our yoga practice long after we leave our mats. But if Kenkoh is new to you, and you are interested like we are in yoga and other alternative methods of healing, please read on.

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Kenkoh Massage Sandals — A Yogi’s Companion

Ancient Healing Techniques

Kenkoh’s Japanese inventor, Kyu-kichi Yamanashi, nearly died from a serious case of tuberculosis almost 60 years ago. Two ancient healing techniques saved his life. Inspired by his recovery, he spent three years designing a sandal capable of imitating these ancient techniques.

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Japanese Acupressure Technique
Stepping on bamboo

Aodake-Fumi Technique In Action

Japanese Reflexology
The path that leads to the heart

Buddha’s Footprint & Reflexology


All of us yogis who are familiar with reflexology know that the aftereffects of a treatment are comparable to the extraordinary sensations permeating our being after yoga.  Both reflexology and yoga aim to restore balance to our body, mind and spirit.

Thousands of nerve endings called “reflexes” that correspond to every organ and system within the body are concentrated in different areas of the soles of our feet. Reflexology teaches us that stimulating these nerves relieves our mental and physical stress, releases toxins and increases energy levels.

Kenkoh’s foot bed is made up of natural rubber nodules designed to continuously stimulate the nerves in the soles of our feet. When our feet stay in contact with the nodules, our body responds as if it were receiving a reflexology treatment.

Slipping into a pair Kenkoh’s after yoga is a great way to sustain that calming, cleansing process we activated during our practice. Slowly, these special massage sandals can become precious friends of ours, just like our mats.

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Overview of How Kenkoh Works


How vital our feet are in yoga! They are the foundation, they ground and stabilize us. We really liked this Yoga Journal article:  The Importance of the Feet in Yoga – On and Off the Mat. Anything we can do to pay a little more attention to their health and well-being has a positive effect on our practice and our life in general.

Most everyone loves a foot massage. Not only does it relax us and relieve our stress, it also helps our feet stay flexible and strong. Additionally, countless studies have shown foot massages reduce blood pressure, enhance blood circulation, relieve pain and improve overall mood.

Kenkoh’s massaging nodules are designed to simulate an actual foot massage. Wearing a pair of Kenkoh’s is like having a masseuse available at our beckon call day and night.


Proper body alignment is integral to yoga. It keeps us grounded, balanced and safe. When the feet are misaligned, the negative effects travel all the way up through our legs, hips and spine, and can impact our entire practice and even harm us.

All Kenkoh footwear have medical grade orthotic arches. We know that with proper arch support, our aches and pains fade away and our body stays aligned. Everything works and feels better. Proper arch support also helps prevent future issues with our legs, hips and backs due to improper alignment.

As yogis, we are always open to learning new ways to take better care of ourselves. We love that with Kenkoh, it’s as simple as taking a step.

Giving Kenkoh a Try


Footwear for a healthier you

We’ve been selling Kenkoh‘s for 30+ years now, and have listened to tens of thousands of people all over the country and beyond describe how much they’ve been helped. It is both heartwarming and rewarding to know that simply guiding someone to choose a healthy shoe can have such a positive effect on their quality of life.

Kenkoh is like health food for your feet. Whenever you feel inspired, we invite you to visit our site,, and discover for yourself how a Kenkoh massage sandal can become a good friend who supports your yoga practice and cares for you as you walk through your life.

When our feet feel better, so do we. Try a pair and you will see.

Give your feet something to smile about