At Happy Feet Plus, we understand the important role our feet play when we are active. In fact, it’s so important, it’s in our name!

All joking aside…when it comes an active lifestyle, how we treat our feet is essential to our comfort and protects us from pain or injury. Running or walking can either be comfortable and energizing, or painful and difficult. Ensuring the use of safe, comfortable footwear can make all the difference.

There are many factors to consider when searching for a shoe, and one of those factors is the technology that goes into shoes to help you run or walk longer, farther, faster. Today we take a look at Brooks Shoes and how their advances in technology have made them a go-to choice among active people for over 40 years.

Most running shoes are generally a combination of three components: uppers, or the top part of the shoe; midsoles, or the inner foundations of the shoe; and outsoles, or the external foundations and the part that contacts the surface you are running or walking on.


Uppers in shoes help provide a secure fit and flexibility, as well as helping to keep the foot stationary inside. Brooks calls their upper technology “3D Fit Print”, which is a revolutionary process that molds and forms the top part of the shoe, maintaining a balance between keeping their shape while allowing flexibility with lighter weight. Since everyone’s stride is as unique as a fingerprint, 3D Fit Print bridges the gap between keeping the foot secure and allowing individual movement and freedom.


Midsoles are the internal part of the shoe where the sole of the foot contacts the shoe. Since every runner or walker is different, the best way to provide the best fit and comfort level is by offering a range of midsoles: some may require more stability, more comfort, or more feedback from the running or walking surface. Brooks’ technology in this area is also cutting-edge: they refer to their offerings as DNA and there are four different types, depending on your needs.

DNA Loft

The softest midsole offered, this option is composed of a proprietary material of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), an advanced foam rubber that uses air to help soften and comfort the foot when it strikes the ground. While this midsole provides less feedback to the wearer, it ensures cushy protection from higher-impact activities like running.

Brooks Shoes With DNA Loft Midsoles


Another exclusive material in the Brooks line-up, this unique material in the midsole provides comfort and cushion like the Loft but is a little firmer and provides more energy return and feedback to the wearer. A unique bonus of this midsole is that it is designed to biodegrade up to 50 times faster than traditional materials when they’re discarded, which is better for the environment!

Brooks Shoes with BioMogo DNA Midsoles


This material, developed by Brooks, provides high energy return to the wearer, which helps spring the runner or walker forward and up with each stride. Made of polyurethane with a thermoplastic casing, this midsole will keep its shape while providing a lot of feedback and comfort.


DNA Flash

Brooks’ research has also formulated a midsole that provides the best choice for athletes focused on speed and power. Nitrogen-infused cushioning provides a stable, firmer surface for the foot, but also minimizes weight to allow for faster runs and walks. This type of midsole appears in their shoes most useful in sprinting and racing.


Brooks Shoes With DNA Flash Midsoles


The third part of the shoe is the lower sole or outsole. This is the foundation of any shoe, and Brooks has developed several technologies to provide comfort and stability while keeping your feet energized and safe. One such technology they offer is referred to as an Arrow Point Outsole, which provides a narrower base in the middle of the foot for more flexibility while providing a wider base for the front part of the foot and toes, ensuring a stable and efficient foot landing with every step. Another proprietary technology they offer for outsoles is propulsion plates. Made with ultralight carbon fiber, these lower soles are extremely lightweight and are built to help propel you forward as you move—a great help when you’re is trying to run faster and more efficiently.


Brooks Outsole

While there are many technical components to what Brooks puts into their shoes, they have many offerings that combine these technologies, taking some of the guesswork out of what is best for the everyday or the athlete. One example of this is Brooks Ghost 14. This shoe is one of Brooks’ most versatile shoes, as it blends the DNA Loft technology for comfort with the BioMoGo DNA for stability and energy return. Specially designed for long distance, your feet will stay comfortable and help maintain more energy as you use them.

Another offering here at Happy Feet Plus is Brooks Glycerin 19. This is one of Brooks’ cushiest shoes, with full-length DNA Loft in the midsole and an extra plush liner to hug your feet. These shoes are an excellent choice, whether they are for long road runs or if you’re just looking for the ultimate comfort for all-day wear!

The last shoe we want to highlight that showcases Brooks’ advanced technology is the Dyad 11. This shoe is a great choice for those who need ultimate stability, as the lower outsole is extra wide to ensure a secure base as you move. Also, this shoe has a flatter midsole, which is perfect for flat-footed walkers or runners. They also provide more room inside the shoe, so if you require correction or extra support, this Brooks model of shoe paired with many of Happy Feet Plus’s inserts and orthotics can provide the ultimate in custom fit and comfort!

These technological advances of footwear help ensure that whatever your activity–running a marathon or running to the grocery store–you can do it safely and with a maximum of comfort. Brooks shoes are a favorite of many athletes and active folks, and these technologies make it easy to see why. Happy Feet Plus is ready to help you find the best fit and comfort level. To learn more, please contact us or stop by one of our 11 locations and we’ll make sure you take full advantage of the technologies that modern footwear like Brooks provides!

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