Keeping Cool With Kenkoh

The neighborhoods hum, a hive of buzzing air conditioners. They are almost as loud as the cicadas in the summer swelter. For Floridians, the Dog Days last whole months and can stretch as far as the next heat ripple. In this kind of weather, you have two options. You can hide indoors, crank the AC as low as you can afford, watch Netflix flopped on your belly while eating another bowl of cereal on a Saturday morning. Or, you can go to the beach.Veterans of this tropical sauna often opt for a little of both. Thankfully, the Kenkoh is the only attire you’re going to need for either occasion…well, that and you know, shorts n such.

Whether you’re headed to the sandy shore to crisp and float in the surf or doing chores around the house, the optimal arch support of the Kenkoh reflexology massage sandal will keep you secure and relaxed all day long.

Over 1,000 natural rubber latex nodules stimulate nerve endings in the feet with each step, improving circulation, and breaking up toxins like uric and lactic acid. These toxins are often stored in the feet (thanks gravity) and crystallize. If you run your thumb firmly over the top of your big toe, you can even feel these crystals pop or crackle!

kenkoh-spirit-black-alohaThe Kenkoh Spirit in Black 

kenkoh-spirit-brown-alohaThe Kenkoh Spirit in Brown

M-_Advertising_Social-Media-Images_kenkoh-spirit-appleblossom-alohaThe Kenkoh Spirit in Appleblossom

M-_Advertising_Social-Media-Images_kenkoh-spirit-denim-alohaThe Kenkoh Spirit in Denim Blue

M-_Advertising_Social-Media-Images_kenkoh-spirit-linen-alohaThe Kenkoh Spirit in Linen Gold

The Kenkoh Spirit line embodies the classic thong with the incredible added benefits of a reflexology massage, everywhere you go! Shop with us today online and find relief from aches, pains, and foot fatigue, not to mention ailments like plantar fasciitis or edema. Your summer days will never be the same!

Join us on Saturday, July 2 at our St. Pete Sundial location for one of our famous Sip & Shop events from 12-4pm. Pair complimentary wine and hors d’ oeuvres with a free reflexology massage by our on site licensed massage therapist! Discover prize giveaways, special discounts,  and a free gift with purchase. Happy Fourth of July weekend from Happy Feet Plus!

Give your feet something to smile about