Birkenstock Zapotec Celebrates Mexican Culture

As any wearer of Birkenstock knows, there is no substitute for the Cinderella-esque sensation of sliding on those perfectly broken-in pairs. With 2016’s Spring and Summer trends predicting another fruitful season for Birkenstock, the sandals can be seen from festival lovers to the soles of celebrities. However, don’t Birkenstocks basically all look the same?

Apparently, that couldn’t be further from the truth as Birkenstock reveals its latest collection, “Zapotec.” Part of the company’s “Birkenstock 365” campaign, which features seasonally themed footwear for each day of the year, “Zapotec” boasts 100% Mexican designs. A pride of the country, the artisan craft work of Oaxaca highlights infinitesimally small, repeating patterns—all hand painted, using all natural mixed pigments and materials. The pedigree of this boutique line (only 100 shoes!) is embodied in the artists of the Jacobo y Maria Alebrijes Workshop, located in San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca.

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While the sandals can only be acquired at Birkenstock stores in Mexico, the sheer beauty of these wearable pieces of art are certainly worth admiration from afar. Proceeds of the Zapotec line will help benefit the community of artists and crafters of traditional folk art methods in Oaxaca. As an endangered culture, the Jacobo y Maria workshop ensures these methods will be passed on to the next generation, whether through intricate wood carvings, zoomorphic sculptures, or in this case, shoes.

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