Animal-Free Birkenstocks

In January, Birkenstock released its latest vegan footwear collection to the U.S. showcasing their iconic styles using animal-free materials. This week, Happy Feet Plus is proud to announce the arrival of the Vegan Arizona and the Vegan Gizeh.

As people become increasingly aware of the products they use and eat, the sustainable sourcing and harvesting of those materials becomes the bottom line. As a demographic of Birkenstock customers falls into this category, many consumers have demanded an animal-free option.

birkenstock vegan footwear sandals black

Helping promote Birkenstock’s latest release is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), who stated: “Every day, PETA hears from shoppers who are looking for vegan-friendly retailers and Birkenstock now fits the bill,” said Anne Brainard, director of corporate affairs. “These iconic styles meet the skyrocketing demand for footwear that’s as trendy and comfortable as it is kind to animals and the environment.”

This may be of little surprise, as the stereotype of the Birkenstock wearer remains associated with naturalists, vegetarians, and environmentalists. Vegan shoes are not new to the company, indeed, the collection has been offered in Europe for years. However, consumer demand has finally brought them to America.

Now, the lifestyle image of the brand can match their methodology; Birkenstock is walking the walk and talking the talk. In replacement of the typical vegetable-tanned suede footbed lining, microfiber – a durable, synthetic material – offers a leather-like finish and a soft synthetic lining.

Take a look at our whole collection of Birkenstock sandals for your comfort and supportive needs, now proudly including vegans and vegetarians.

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