How to Survive Black Friday

1) Plan Your Day

If you’re hitting multiple stores, it’s best to list your purchases from priority No. 1 down to where you plan on finding stocking stuffers. This way, you can create a map of the most logical path to take, preventing unnecessary double backs and traffic snags. If you’re planning to hit the mall, make sure to enter through one of the “anchor” stores, like Macy’s or Dillard’s, so you can easily find your car afterwards.

black friday shopping
2) Budget

Black Friday sales can seemingly generate their own gravity, pulling shoppers down the aisles to products they had no plan of purchasing. Be strict with your budget and have the number written down inside your wallet next to each gift you plan to buy, with a total sum at the bottom. Be honest with yourself and your family about gift exchanging expectations.
christmas shopping list

3) Wear Comfy Shoes

The only thing worse than the store running out of your perfectly planned gift is waiting in line. Pick out shoes that can support you through the entire day. If you live in a warmer climate, Birkenstock sandals are a great option, thanks to their signature contoured footbed, complete with medial and metatarsal arch support.

For colder weather, Finn Comfort’s closed toe shoes are a luxurious option, thanks to the ultra-soft calf-skin lining and superior adjustability. Finn Comfort is renowned for their Old World handmade craftsmanship, an art form that has become a rarity in modern times.

4) Pack a Bag

Tissues, hand sanitizer, lavender essential oils for calm…all items that can provide relaxation during your Black Friday shopping experience. If little ones are coming with you, pack wholesome snacks to keep their energy up and their fingers full.


5) Don’t Forget What This is all About

The controversy of Black Friday shopping boils down to who gets family time and who does not. Be courteous to the employees working (often overtime) during this busy time of year. If you have a complaint, direct it to the manager, who will offer more control over the situation than a cashier will be able to.

Black Friday is important to many of us, because it is perhaps the only way we will be able to afford Christmas for our families. In that spirit, keep in mind who this is all for; the people closest to you that will cherish your company no matter what gifts you bring.

Give your feet something to smile about