OS1st: When Socks Aren’t Just Socks

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OS1st: When Socks Aren’t Just Socks

OS1st Socks for Fitness and Health


Even beginning fitness enthusiasts understand the importance of good footwear to provide comfort, safety, and balance to minimize the risk of pain and injury. But did you know that what you put on first, before your shoes, can be just as important?

Here at Happy Feet Plus, we have recently introduced new solutions to help meet your fitness goals while also providing pain relief and comfort: OS1st (which stands for Orthopedic Sleeves 1st)! Based in North Carolina, the company’s number one priority is bringing compression therapy for common foot and joint problems such as plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, and tendonitis. Many professional competitive athletes use kinesiology tape or compression binding when they train to stabilize and compress specific areas and minimize pain while helping quicker recovery. These solutions are helpful but not always convenient; OS1st has found a simpler way to bring the benefits of taping or binding for every day (or every workout) use.

So how exactly does compression work? One major benefit it provides is increasing blood circulation to the specific area of the body that needs it, which can help recovery and alleviate soreness and fatigue. OS1st’s patent-pending offerings are designed to provide this compression therapy exactly on the parts of your foot or joint that need it, while also ensuring a priority of stability, comfort, and injury protection.

Os1st Thin Air Performance Black Socks

For instance, one offering here at Happy Feet Plus is the Thin Air Performance sock, which provides ultra-lightweight cushion and support and can help minimize fatigue while providing airflow and breathability for your feet, keeping them cool and reducing friction and sweating. But these aren’t just a pair of “tight socks”–the compression varies along the foot, providing more support and stability through the arch while areas like the toe and ankle have lighter compression to allow freer movement and flexibilit

Another example of OS1st’s advanced technology in action is their Plantar Fasciitis No-Show Sock, which specifically targets and supports the foot for those with Achilles’ tendon and heel impairments such as plantar fasciitis. These compression socks are designed specifically to target and help minimize discomfort and pain in the heel by compressing and lifting the plantar fascia all while increasing blood flow and circulation. In fact, these socks are so “custom”, they are designed specifically for each foot–with an anatomical left and right–just like shoes!

Or maybe you have pain or difficulty in exercise due to bunions? OS1st has a solution to help that as well: the Bunion Relief Sock! These specialized socks are expertly designed and patent-pending to provide the best relief possible for those who suffer from bunions or need extra padding or cushion in the toe. It features built-in bunion pads and a split-toe design which can help align the foot and add more relief all while providing enhanced blood flow and circulation to the foot.

While these specialized compression sleeves and socks are the height of technology for pain relief and active support, OS1st has made sure that all the other important components of performance wear are included as well, such as cutting-edge fabrics and materials. These advanced seamless designs minimize friction and wick moisture away to help keep the feet free of irritation, tissue soreness, blisters, and chafes. But it’s not just for workouts! You can also find an everyday way to incorporate these superior technologies with the Wellness Performance Sock–available in both crew and no-show styles–which can help increase circulation, reduce swelling and edema, and provide an all-day comfort no matter what your activity.

Happy Feet Plus is proud to be a provider of OS1st’s superior compression solutions for whatever sport or activity you enjoy that could use extra support and comfort. We welcome you to check out all our offerings online or come by one of our store locations and chat with one of our expert specialists to help you find the right fit for your compression sleeve and sock needs!

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