In today’s election season, you may find yourself confused, torn between two evils, or downright flummoxed. Happy Feet Plus is here to offer you certainty, support, and comfort…because the Gold Medal Service Awards are in!

Over 120 footwear stores throughout the entire United States were secretly shopped, judged, and ranked, placing Happy Feet Plus as No. 15 out of the final 70 nominees. Our winning competitors were located in New York, California, and Ohio, however, Happy Feet Plus reigned supreme over the entire Eastern Seaboard! In fact, this is our second year in a row to hold the honor.

The competition began with nominations from Footwear Insights audience, along with a 24 data point evaluation of customer’s experience in top independent shoe stores across the country. Some questions in this evaluation included: “Was the merchandise presented in a way that was easy to understand and shop?”, “On a scale of 1 to 5, how knowledgeable and helpful was the staff overall?”, and “Did the sales associate measure your foot?”


Shoppers infiltrated the 120 stores across May and June, rating these queries on a scale of zero to five, with a zero indicating “no.”

It’s no surprise that Happy Feet Plus received an outstanding report! Thanks to our “old school” sit and fit customer service and rigorous employee training, each of our shoppers is guided through a science-based method to find that perfect fit. This creates a culture of service rarely experienced in the retail industry, where a thorough dialogue allows us to connect, rather than simply sell.

Experience Happy Feet Plus today at any one of our 10 store locations in the Tampa Bay area. Too hot to shop? Visit our website at for our entire collection with hundreds of styles to meet your needs.

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