Showing Off New Kenkohs at HFP

At Happy Feet Plus, we’re going through some big, awesome changes. New products are arriving, new styles are being designed, and we’re even starting to do our own in-house photography! The result? A fabulous footoshoot!

On Jennifer from Happy Feet’s Ecommerce Department, we have the Kenkoh Chai in Champage.  Over 1,000 natural rubber nodules are stimulating her feet, similar to a reflexology massage, improving circulation by targeting specific nerve endings and placing pressure on built-up toxins like uric and lactic acid. As you walk, this pressure breaks apart the crystallized toxins and flushes them out.

Jennifer and I broke a few park rules to get this shot; worth it! Just look at that arch support…

Jennifer and Cortney from our Customer Service Department getting their tan on in Largo’s Central Park. Cortney is sporting her favorite Kenkoh Spirit in Black.


The Kenkoh Spirit in Linen Gold and Metallic pair well with almost any ensemble, but especially make those floral tones pop! P.S. Cortney’s foot tattoo is my favorite!


Johanna, our newest addition to the Customer Service Department, flaunts her on-trend gel pedicure while sporting the popular Kenkoh Spirit in Linen Gold. The Kenkoh is renowned for its ability to reduce foot, leg, and back fatigue, address health conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, and treat swelling due to poor circulation.


Just look at those colors! Inspired by Florida’s dragon flies and damsel flies, the texture of these sandals is like a midsummer’s night dream. You can find all of these gorgeous summer time treats for your feet on our online store plus tons of information on how the Kenkoh was designed to improve your health over time. Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming Fall 2016 Collection and other shoe news.

Give your feet something to smile about