Customize Your Kicks

As summer approaches, creative and entertaining craft projects are necessary for keeping the entire family sane and functioning until the next school year. Or maybe you’ve got a themed party to attend that could use some unique costume ideas?

Leading up to whatever design you choose, take stock of the supplies you’ve got to begin with, and stock up at the dollar store to fill in any gaps.

One versatile DIY project is to modify a plain pair of sneakers made of canvas, denim, or any cotton based or white leather material. Color isn’t necessarily always important, however, black cloth is essential for the galaxy effect.

diy shoesImage Source: YouTube

In the video below, Sara showcases three unique DIY shoe designs that are easy to complete and appropriate for ages 10 to however old you feel. From a pseudo snake skin, to heart polka dots, to the Milky Way, these crafts will help your kids feel creative and fashionable.

Basic Supplies:

Sponge brush applicators, various colored craft paints, a pair of fishnet stockings (you’re not getting these back clean), small, medium, and large paint brushes, masking tape, and fabric markers (3 colors).

Variations on the video instructions are numerous; instead of snake skin, perhaps a mermaid tail? Rather than hearts, maybe Pac-men or hashtags; even regular ol’ polka dots would be cute and easier for younger children to do.

Who Doesn’t Love Thrifty Fashion?


For an ambitious, yet inexpensive project, you can even make your own light-up LED kicks. This will require some saavy online shopping for the LED strip, but will roughly run you about $10. Other supplies include white duct tape,  craft foam (optional), and crazy glue for good measure.

Light Up The Night!

Hopefully these ideas will inspire some fun, albeit messy, entertainment for you and your family. SHARE this post on Facebook with friends and family to help their summer go smoothly too!

Give your feet something to smile about